STYSA Presidentís Cup

The STYSA Presidentís Cup was established in 1993 as a alternative competitive spring season than the US Youth Soccer National Championship competition. The inaugural event was first held in the spring of 1994.

The basic principle behind establishing the STYSA President's Cup was to create a more balanced competition for the teams competing in the spring season and at the same time have a means to reduce the number of teams participating in the US Youth Soccer National Championship competition.

To accomplish this, STYSA created another state competition, STYSA President's Cup, that ran consecutively, in the spring, with the US Youth Soccer National Championship. This competition is:

  1. an open competition; that
  2. is strongly recommended to the lower Division I and upper Division II teams; and is
  3. open to both Girls and Boys' teams in the Under 11 through Under 19 age group; where
  4. teams must have participated in Fall league play; and
  5. have a consistency of rosters.
  6. Teams and players participating are not allowed to participate in any other spring competition; and
  7. will be considered as the same level of competition; and
  8. will be seeded based on their Fall play; with
  9. qualifying games being played in both Districts; and
  10. each District determining teams for advancement to State Championships.

Qualification Process: The District Vice-President will determine the format by which qualifying games will be played Ė round-robin season or tournament style. Based on past history, the format to be used will be determined by the number of teams entered in each age group and the number of weekends available to schedule games. Information will be forthcoming to the team contact as soon as possible after the final roster deadline. Presidentís Cup will take precedence - No reschedules will be allowed for participation in invitational tournaments. Participation in Presidentís Cup requires a commitment from the participating teams Ė please be sure your team is committed to playing.

Notification / Communication: A list of participating teams will be posted on the Eastern District Division One website at Please allow adequate time for the processing of the paperwork before calling to confirm receipt.

The STYSA Presidentís Cup State Championship is usually held the later part of May and is hosted by either the Eastern or Western District. The tournament will include first and second place teams from both Eastern and Western District as well as a representative from El Paso (if entered).

Teams finishing in first place in the Under-14 through Under-18 age groups will represent South Texas Youth Soccer Association at the Directorís Cup Region III Championship on a date to be announced in June 2004. First place Regional Champions will advance to the US Youth Soccer Directorís Cup National Championship to be held in early August .